Numerical Simulation Models - warnings
Products obtained from numerical simulation models do not represent the real atmospheric current state or its foreseen evolution, but only a state-of-the-art approximation of them. The representation they offer may thus differ also significantly from reality.
Users take all responsibility for any damage or inconveniences deriving from data, maps and whatsoever information published on these web pages.

WRF model (Weather Research and Forecasting)
Simulations run by CRMA – Regional Environmental Modeling Centre of ARPA FVG.
Spatial resolution 2 km x 2 km.
Initial and boundary conditions from Global Forecast System (GFS-NOAA).
Updated every day after 13.00 local time.

The INCA model
INCA (Integrated Nowcasting Through Comprehensive Analysis) is a high resolution (1 km in space, up to 15 min in time) analysis and forecasting model, which was implemented at the National Weather Service of Austria ZAMG and further developed in the frame of the project INCA-CE (see, co-funded by the EU – ERDF funds – program Central Europe 2007-2013.

Important notice
The INCA system makes use of measurement data. As with all measurements, these are prone to errors. Although a robust error checking and filtering mechanism is in place, there is no guarantee that all measurement errors can be detected and handled correctly. Therefore, unrealistic artefacts may appear in this visualisation (especially concerning precipitation). Consequently the displayed information should be examined with care.

[fonte: ARPA FVG]